7 Annoying Things People Say To You When You're Losing Weight

You're finally doing it. You're losing weight, you've dropped inches, you're feeling more confident in the body that you've earned - as you should! However, there are always negative Nancys that want to cut you down for what you're doing. In fact, people say a lot of weird shit when you tell them you're actually in the process of actively losing weight or committing to a diet plan. These are the 7 strangest we've encountered so far.

“Who cares if you eat it? C'mon!"

People get oddly weirded out when you decline food or order something "healthy". It’s not that they’re trying to sabotage your efforts but more of the fact that they feel implicated or judged somehow by your choice to eat a salad with dressing on the side.

"Why is losing weight such a big deal? You look fine!"

These sort of question make losing weight have to be weirdly secretive. How about because I want to be healthy? I want to feel better?  I just want to feel at my physical best -  that involves losing weight, because I know I gained some extra pounds from eating pringles on my ass at home! Yet people make the idea of weight loss really caught up in vanity and judgment.

 “Calorie counting is so [adjective that implies unhealthy obsession].”

What people don't realize about this comment is that it's not an obsession (sure - it can be one, if not properly used) but it's actually a healthy way to find balance in your life! In fact, most people that have zero clue about nutritional content end up being quite unhealthy because they are over eating hundreds, if not thousands of empty calories per day.

"Wow, you look thin.”

You'd think it's a compliment - but it's often laced with judgmental tone. You can tell when those remarks are passive-aggressive or meant to be a little weird and it’s pretty damn unpleasant for all involved. And it’s also one of those things where you realize, once someone’s commenting on it, that it’s kind of the last thing you want to be remarkable about you. Compliment me on something better! Like how awesome my outfit is!

 “Are you not going to be fun anymore?”

I'm sorry - what? Alright, yes. My grease-food intake and alcohol consumption has changed to accommodate my new lifestyle and that may be deemed "less" fun- but that doesn't mean I, myself, as a person are less fun!  Simply because I’ve redefined what social activities can be.

“So you’re one of those fitspo people now??”

I'm sorry, getting healthy doesn’t mean you have to buy in to any of that Ostentatiously Healthy Person business.

“Aren’t you happy with your body the way it is?”

No, because I wasn't taking care of it. It's not a judgment on whatever you are doing, because I don’t care what you are doing. So remember, that person in your life who is suddenly eating less and moving more- they don't care about or judge your body. They are way too busy looking at their own food journals and mirrors and wondering what they can do to look and feel better to care about anyone else. And frankly, that’s the way it should be.      

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