7 Backup Plans When Obstacles Get in the Way of Your Weight Loss Journey

Having a vision of your weight loss journey is a great way to keep you focused and stay on track. But unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way and you're left feeling extremely guilty that you didn't have the willpower to say no to that piece of pizza your coworker gave you when you were too busy at work to take a lunch break, or that happy hour everyone rallied for you to go to, even though you said no 10 times at least. But if you don't want to completely fall of the wagon just because you said yes to something that was by no means a part of your weight loss plan, then fear not. Here are 7 backup plans to try out next time an obstacle gets in the way.
  1. The problem: There's always treats in the office.
Your fall-back plan: Kristen Smith, R.D., an Atlanta-based nutrition coach, suggests keeping a sweet tasting protein bar in your desk to keep you satisfied and stop you from ogling over the treats around the office. If the problem isn't cookies but more like pizza, then try keeping veggies in the fridge and filling up on them to curb your hunger. For amazing healthy snack ideas, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan! 2. The problem: You've been invited to a fancy and indulgent dinner. Your fall-back plan: Try opting for the grilled options on the menu, such as chicken or salmon, and make sure to substitute the potatoes for steamed veggies, Natalie Rizzo, R.D., a New York City nutritionist suggests. 3.  The problem: You didn't have time to pack a lunch, and now your only option is a fast food joint near work. Your fall-back plan: Look at the fast food menu online before you hit up the drive-thru, that way you won't make an impulse purchase. Search for the healthiest options, such as fruit instead of fries, the smallest sandwich option for minimal calorie intake (and besides, who needs three beef patties on their burger anyhow?!), and stick with water over soda. 4. The problem: Yesterday's workout was super intense, and now you're left with an incredibly sore and achy body. Your fall-back plan: Don't put yourself through a torturous workout if you're aching. Instead, take an active recovery day. "The beauty of active recovery is that you're not taking time off, you're just dropping the intensity of a workout," says Henry Halse, certified strength and conditioning specialist, a Philadelphia personal trainer. "You're also preparing your body for future workouts by giving your muscles time to repair themselves." https://www.instagram.com/p/BJwls6nhBpR/?taken-by=bodyrockofficial 5. The problem: Your happy hour has turned into a not so pleasant morning, and your morning workout is looking like it may fall by the wayside. Your fall-back plan: Opt out of the run and stick to strength-training. There's no need to get dizzy and feel sick. 6. The problem: You're worried your vacation will get in the way of your diet and exercise routine. Your fall-back plan: Try to start each day of your vacation with a healthy breakfast. "What you eat for breakfast sets the tone for how you eat the rest of the day," says Rizzo. For your exercise, simply cut it in half so that you don't feel like you're missing valuable time enjoying vacation. With SweatFlix℠, you can stream your workouts anywhere, and any time, that is convenient for you! Take your workouts with you! 7. The problem: You stopped working out for a few days, and now your motivation is taking a hit. Your fall-back plan: Sometimes all it takes is a little group effort, so try hitting up a fitness class. "Post-workout, you'll remember how good it feels to work hard, and that rush will help you get back on the horse with your fitness routine," explains Halse. What do you think of these backup plans? Source: Women's Health

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