7 Bedroom Moves That Instantly Kill The Mood!

We've compiled 7 all-time  mood killers that should be definitely avoided when it comes to sex! #5 is an especially big faux pas! #1 Putting Your iTunes On "Shuffle" Yep, nothing kills the mood like going from the sultry vibes of "The Weeknd" to the less sultry, definitely not sexy and very depressing stylings of Eminem's "Stan". #2 Answering The Phone Even if you're just checking a text, it's best not to be so distracted. #3 Worrying About The Way You Look Honestly, your partner will not become instantly turned off by you if they catch you at the "wrong" angle. Just enjoy yourself! #4 Letting The Pets In "Hearing the meows of your cat from the corner or feeling the gentle lick of your dog's tongue on my foot really turned me on" - said no one ever. #5 Accidentally "I-Loving" You may be feeling amazing, but don't belt out the words "I Love You" in the heat of the moment if you don't mean it. #6 Pulling Weird Moves All weird moves should be discussed prior to having sex. Don't surprise your partner with a random bite without their permission! #7 Comparing To Others "Wow, you're the best sex I've ever had. Even better than Tom!" Nope, just don't. Ever. What are your worst sex stories or horrible hook-up nightmares? Let us know!    

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