7 Bizarre Ways Your Undies Can Impact Your Health

No matter if you're a granny pantie person, a comfy brief-wearer or you dig flirty thongs, undies play a major role in health! It's not just how comfortable you are in them that matters, it's how they impact your lady parts and if they're putting you at the risk for serious health concerns. We investigate the 7 weird reasons why your underwear might be causing trouble down there.   #1 Tight Undies Can Cause Yeast Infections And Ingrown Hairs  The tighter your underwear is, the more friction it causes around your sensitive vaginal skin. This can lead to ingrown hairs and even yeast infections by trapping heat and moisture where it shouldn't be trapped. The environment it creates becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which will continue to multiply. #2 Thongs Spread E. Coli To Your Lady Parts  We call know that thongs spend a considerable amount of time in your butt crack and move around enough that germs get attached to the fabric. With all of this movement, E. Coli bacteria can get moved from your anus to your vagina rather easily. This causes irritation, yeast infections, UTIs and a host of other problems. But don't worry, not all thongs pose this threat. Make sure you purchase a thong that fits you properly so the amount of movement is reduced. Also, avoid wearing a thong every day and opt for it a few times a month. underwearhealth2 #3 Breathable Is Best Breathable fabrics keep the environment inside your undies less susceptible to bacteria collection. Materials like polyester, lace and lycra are totally culprits for non-breathability and shouldn't be worn often. Stick to 100% cotton panties to stay healthy and keep your lady parts happy and safe. #4 Shape Wear Can Hinder Your Health  Did you know that shape wear like Spanx can cause nerve damage and decrease circulation? But the issues don't stop there. It actually ups your risk of developing UTIs because it is so tricky to get off and on that women will avoid going to the bathroom for longer periods of time. Eating while wearing shape wear can impede your digestive functions and cause bloating, gas and cramps. When it is compressing your colon and stomach for extended hours, acid reflux and bowel disorders can develop. underwearhealth #5 Sweaty Undies Lead To Yeast Infections  Just like walking around in your wet bathing suit bottoms are bad idea, so is walking around with sweaty, moist undies. It's important to change your underwear after a big sweat session at the gym or if you're naturally sweaty. The wetness causes an ideal condition for bacteria to hang out and cause infection. #6 Sleeping Commando = Happy Vagina  Give your vagina some breathing room and go commando at night. Sleeping naked boosts your immunity, helps you regulate your functions and overall feeling of wellness, and it does the same for your lady parts! This process airs out your vagina completely so it refreshed and healthy the next morning, just like you. #7 Scented Dryer Sheets Cause Itchiness  Washing your clothes in a scent-free detergent is beneficial for your entire body. Synthetic fragrances can reek havoc on your vagina by increasing irritation and making you feel itchy down there. Look for specific hypo-allergenic detergents and dryer sheets, and try drying your clothes outside once and while to bring in a fresh scent without the chemicals. What are your thoughts? Share your tips for health with us! Source: Bustle

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