7 Body Concerns You Need to Give Up Right Now

There's no doubt women and girls have long lived in a world where the pressures to look a certain way takes a toll on their mental and physical wellbeing. Thankfully, people and movements are working hard to fix that, but still, there are some seriously messed up body concerns that are disturbingly too common. 7 Body Concerns You Need to Give Up Right Now These concerns result in a lack of self worth and harmful habits. For instance, over a third of 6 to 12 year-olds have dieted, and many say they would prefer to be stupid as opposed to fat. Furthermore, nearly half of first to third grade girls yearn to slim down the National Eating Disorder Association reports. A recent Glamour study even discovered that readers had a negative thought about their bodies once per hour. And the concerns are so outlandish. Here are seven of the biggest body concerns:

1. Thigh Gap

Simply put, the thigh gap is stupid. You can be overweight and have one, and skinny and not have one, and vice versa. It's a silly tool for measuring someone's hotness.

2. Bikini Bridge

This is the gap that happens when your bikini bottom rests on your protruding hip bones. Women who have this like to brag about it, making others envy it and try to achieve it by getting thinner. But it's not just about being skinny. It's about body type. And who even cares about this anyway?

3. That Weird Collarbone Thing

Some people seem to think that thin women can fit a bunch of quarters in their collar bone gaps, but believe me, you can be completely svelte and still not be able to do this. Your collar bones don't just pop because you're not carrying extra weight. This is the kind of mentality that is totally unhealthy for your wellbeing.
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4. Lips Like Kylie Jenner's

Sure, full lips are hot. But if you're pout isn't as puffy as Kylie's, you shouldn't get down on yourself about it. Your face, and your lips are perfectly perfect just the way they are. Respect yourself by embracing your natural lips and see how much positivity oozes out of you from that one simple tweak.

5. Ear Lobes That Are Detached

For starters, they're ears. Secondly, no one is thinking about whether you have good ears or not. Let them serve their purpose and get on with your wonderful life.

6. Fatty Arm Wings

It's a million degrees outside but you refuse to be caught dead in a tank top out of fear your flabby fat arms will scare everyone in the world away. Your arms don't define you, and whether you're hot or not, they shouldn't deter you from wearing clothes you know you like, or that are the sensible choice.

7. That One Thing You Just Have to Hate for No Reason

Find yourself coming up with the most absurd reason to hate your eyelid? Yeah, you're not doing yourself any favours harping on a "flaw" that no one can see or even care about if they did.
Would you say you have had any of these body concerns? Source: Bustle

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