What a 7-Day Makeup Detox Did to This Woman's Skin! (Pics)

For some of us, makeup is something we feel is a vital part of our everyday routine. We feel the need to conceal our little blemishes and balance out our skin. Despite the degree in which we apply cosmetics, it has probably popped into our minds from time to time that we wish we could just leave the house bare-faced. Cosmopolitan writer Brooke Shunatona challenged herself to go one week without a single drop of BB cream, a single swoosh of eyeliner or dab of lip gloss. The results even surprised her after her 7 days of natural skin! "The start of my first day at work without makeup was like that dream where you find yourself naked in front of a crowd and everyone's laughing at you — except no one laughed or stared at my bare face." Brooke writes of her first day experience. People mistook her for being years younger, and she even had anxieties over whether people would judge her for being bare faced. Brooke also noticed that she was breaking out after sneaking on a little foundation for an event. "Throughout the week, I started feeling better about my skin and it just so happened to start looking better when it wasn't covered up anymore." she writes after her 7-day makeup detox. "I became aware of how much time, money, and energy I was wasting trying to hide something so insignificant. Don't get me wrong, I still love to occasionally get dolled up. But I've learned to love the way I look without makeup as much as I do with it." Would you take a makeup detox challenge? Let us know your thoughts!

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