7 Days To Find Your Discipline

“I’m not as disciplined as you.” This is a phrase that I hear constantly, when referring to my diet and exercise routine. Today in my office I was approached by a co-worker who is trying to find the motivation to shed some pounds. Another co-worker referred him to me since I have helped her in the past.  The first thing out of his mouth was “but see the thing is Amy, I’m just not as disciplined as you are”. So where do people find that discipline? How do you know you aren’t disciplined when you haven’t ever stuck to a plan before? He was very honest and said he wasn’t ready to make this a lifestyle change but that he does know he needs to do something. His biggest issue is snacking in-between meals on chips, chocolates and pastries. Anyone who works in a corporate office can relate to the daily pastry temptation. My advice to him was to do it slow. If you are not 100% committed to a lifestyle change, you will not see the results. But I also said, don’t complain about something you aren’t willing to change. That’s ok if you aren’t ready just yet to change up your entire eating habits, but even making small changes, can make a world of difference. For anyone who is having a similar issue, try this 7-Day challenge. Each day we will be adding in something new. Again, even the smallest changes can make a world of difference in your health. Day 1: Write down everything you eat! I suggest going onto myfitnesspal.com and setting up a free account. It is an easy way to track your daily food and help you stay on track.  This first step is probably one of the hardest. Start by writing down everything you eat for the full 7 days. Writing down everything you eat will shock you, and hold yourself accountable. Day 2: Eat Breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I can’t tell you how many people tell me they don’t eat breakfast! There is definitely no excuse for not eating breakfast. Eat it on the go, meal prep and take it to work! Eating breakfast in the mornings helps speed up your metabolism and provides you with the energy and nutrients that lead to concentration. Remember to still write down everything you eat! Day 3:  Start by cutting out one thing at a time. For example, my co-worker said that he eats 2 snack bags of chips daily. So Day 3, start by cutting out those chips (or whatever item you choose – soda, coffee creamer, sugar in the coffee etc). Continue to skip the following day, and then try again for the next. After you do this for seven days in a row, you’ll be amazed how unnecessary those extra snacks are. Day 4: Now that you’re a few days into your routine of eating breakfast, start by setting up set times for all your meals. Make a list of Breakfast, snack, Lunch,  mid-day snack, and dinner so you are reminded to eat more smaller healthier meals throughout the day. Make sure you’re still writing down everything you eat1 Day 5: Drink more water! Water is essential to good health. It is a good idea to keep sipping on water, even when you are not thirsty. If you tend to not drink a lot of water, set a goal for yourself. Purchase a large water jug to keep with you if re-filling your glass gets overlooked. Set a goal of drinking atleast 2-liters per day if not much much more! Day 6: For day 6 you want to add, not subtract! Add in healthy snacks that you really love. You want to snack more throughout the day, rather than only having 2-3 larger meals each day. Toss in some healthy goodies that you really love to snack in-between meals. Day 7: So by day 7 you should be writing down everything you eat, you’ve cut out a daily snack, you are now eating breakfast every morning and drinking more water! You have also added in extra healthy snacks throughout the day. Day 7, go for a walk! Walking is a nice and easy way to keep fit. Even If it’s a five minuet walk, it’s a five minuet walk. Park your car at the back lot so you can walk a little more to your office, go for a walk during your break, anything you can think of that will encourage you to MOVE MORE! Just remember, every day is a new day. If you didn’t succeed one of the day, start again tomorrow, most importantly, don’t give up!

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