7 Deadly Sins That Make Your Hair Thin!

Thinner is fine if you're talking about my midsection, but it's a nightmare if you're referring to my hair! Here are the 7 deadliest haircare sins causing your lush locks to thin:

#1 Steamy showers

Hot water dehydrates hair just like skin. It strips your natural oils from your strands, so turn the dial down a notch.

#2 Hot styling tools

Blow dryers and straighteners scorch proteins right out of your hair! To prevent disrupting your moisture balance, limit your hot styling usage to twice a week at the most.

#3 Tight up-dos

Tight buns and braids can reek havoc on hair. Loosen them up and don't pull on them to tighten them. Let your hair down as much as you can!

#4 Birth control pills

Oral contraceptives have been known to thin hair and cause shedding. Most pills contain androgens, and if you have an androgen sensitivity, your hair can be affected. Find out if this is the case, and switch to a low-androgen index brand on birth control.

#5 Diets

Switching up your food intake or starving your body can have impact on hair health. Make sure you stick to a balanced diet of lean meats, lots of fish and beans. Hair needs that protein to grow healthy, strong and thick. '

#6 Longwear styling products

All-day mega-hold styling products like gels and sprays are a danger to hair. If they make your hair stiff or sticky, forget them. They most likely are high in alcohol and are damaging your follicles. Look for softer styling creams that nourish and moisturize.

#7 Not washing hair

It's not good to wash your hair every day, but it's not good to leave it too long either. The longer you skip the wash and use dry shampoo, they more product, dirt and oils build in your hair and weigh it down. This can cause breakage, so wash hair every two to three days.

What are some tips you have for keeping hair thick and healthy? Share them with us!


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