7 Easy Calorie Cutting Tips

Sometimes it can be difficult to cut calories throughout the day. You may not track every calorie but they are always adding up, snacks here an extra coffee during the day, everything. Here are 7 simple ways to cut down on your daily calorie intake! 1) Be careful with milk A nice cool glass of milk can be refreshing. But it is packed with calories. Sub cow's milk for almond, soy or rice milk, they are lower in calories and just as tasty! 2) Greens are your friend Having a nice leafy salad can be not only refreshing but it is also a good way to satisfy your appetite before the main dish, thus stopping you from eating the higher calorie main dish! 3) Slim down on that post-workout shake Once you start with the post workout, it's fun to get creative, but sometimes you can go a little too crazy. Cut down on the calories by switching the protein you use to a lower one with lower cals! 4) Greek yogurt > mayo Greek yogurt is a great, lower calorie substitute for mayo! Try it out in everything that you would have normally put mayo on. 5) Measure everything Everything adds up quick. So measure everything out, even the cream you put in your coffee every morning. 6) Salad dressings... Okay, we all know that it's time to ditch the rich, heavy, creamy salad dressings. Opt for homemade ones that are lighter and still add flavour! 7) Open faced sandwiches We all know that one of the best lunch time treats is a sandwich. One easy way to cut out some calories is to simply make it an open faced sandwich and take away one of the pieces of bread! Classy and yummy! In what ways do you cut calories from your diet?  

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