7 Exercises to a Killer Bikini Body

Hi BodyRockers!

Countdown to Summer Workout! Shaking it up with some new and fun moves for a fab beach body this season...give this workout a try!

This workout will challenge your mind, core, abs, chest, legs, glutes...not to mention your balance and coordination. Burning a lot of calories in a short amount of time safely is, I think, one of the best ways to fast fat loss and I think the Daily HIIT group agrees as you can see by how fit the trainers here are.

So here it is....7 Exercises To A Killer Bikini Body

Breaking it down...

I've put together 7 Exercises for 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest for a rockin' 14 minute workout.


  1. Skater to single leg burpee (lt side)   This exercise really targets glutes, upper hamstrings, calves, core, chest, balance & coordination! Love this exercise!! :)
  2. Skater to single leg burpee (rt side)
  3. Kneeling with DB To Kickout  Working the legs, glutes, plus core and flexibility!
  4. Pushup + 3 elbow to knee   Hitting the obliques to really tighten up your waistline, plus really charging your metabolism with the added pushup!
  5. Kneeling with DB to Kickout (other leg)
  6. Pushup + 3 elbow to knee
  7. Alternate double Oblique crunches

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