7 Foods Proven To Save You From Dreaded Period Pain

Nothing makes you want to stay in bed all day quite like the sensation of period cramps. Along with bloating and the general icky feeling that comes with your monthly visitor, cramps can prevent you from doing everyday routines like hitting the gym. When you've tried everything (including using your cat as a heating pad) and you're still suffering, turn to these superfoods!

#1 Leafy Greens

The high calcium content of lush leafy greens like spinach and kale can stop cramps in their tracks. Calcium relieves muscle tension to ease up your abdomen. Greens also eliminate prostaglandins, a substance present in your body that contributes to the severity of the pain. Blend your greens into a smoothie to get all of the added benefits.

#2 Fish

Omega-3 fats crush those nasty prostaglandins and reduce pain. In fact, fish oil has been clinically proven as a cure for those crippling cramps that leave you unable to stand. Fish like salmon can even stop headaches and remove that feeling of fogginess that sometimes occurs during your menstrual cycle.

#3 Bananas

Bananas are like a period miracle food! They stop cramps, reduce water retention so you're not bloated and their high levels of vitamin B6 keep your immune system and nervous system happy and healthy so you're safe from getting sick. [bctt tweet="7 Foods Proven To Save You From Dreaded Period Pain"]

#4 Celery

Celery is amazing as a detox veggie and improves your digestive function, but it also plays a role in keeping your period pain in check. It flushes out your system, prevents bloating and eases muscle tension. Try is on it's own, in a salad or with your favourite nut butter spread on top.

#5 Pumpkin Seeds

Healthy and nutritious, pumpkin seeds are the perfect snack food. Their manganese content reduces pain all over the body, including in your abdomen. Toasting the seeds is a delicious way to get your fix!

#6 Ginger

Sometimes your monthly visitor brings along a lot of skin issues. Not only can ginger root stop cramps and ease nausea, it can banish period-related blemishes from ruining your complexion. Eat it on it's own, pop it in a smoothie or bake it into cookies and you've got three period problems solved with just one food!

#7 Almonds

Get a little down during your period? Everyone does, but you can eat foods to lift your mood! Almonds are high in magnesium which regulates your brain's serotonin levels to make you happier. Magnesium also removes the feeling of cramps and tender breasts so you can carry on with your day. What are your thoughts on these superfoods? Share your period survival tips with us! Source: Bustle

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