7 Fun Ways to Get Fit For People Who Hate Exercise

You might crave a toned, healthy body to show off in the warm weather. But you're stuck in a rut between wanting something, and not wanting to put the effort in to getting it. Well here are some fun, easy, enjoyable ways to get your body in motion without really trying. #1 Get a Dog   Dogs are such loveable companions and bring so much joy to your life. Taking them for walks is a fun way to get your daily dose of outdoorsy-ness and exercise. Plus dogs are pretty good at reminding you when it's time to get moving! #2 Have More Sex   This is a favourite way of keeping fit. Women burn 69 (yes, I'm not making that up) calories in the average sex sesh, so get creative. Mix of positions and try new things. Higher intensity sex equals higher intensity results. #3 Laugh    Laughter increases your heart rate by 20%, so get your giggle on for the sake of boosting your metabolism. #4 Get Up and Dance   Instead of slumming around your living room watching TV when no one's home, switch on Beyonce's 7/11 vid and have a no pants dance party. And next time you hit the club, remember that making your way to the dance floor is beneficial for reducing your risk of heart disease. Not to mention it makes you feel sexy and boosts your body confidence. #5 Sleep More   Less sleep means less energy to get out and get active during the day. So make sure you get plenty of beauty rest. 7 to 9 hours a night is healthiest. #6 Cook from Scratch Food prep gets you moving. Chopping and stirring by hand increases your upper body strength, so skip the machine and get back to the basics. #7 Volunteer   Helping others has many rewards for yourself, and your health. Volunteer for a clean up effort at your local park, work with pets at the animal shelter or sign up for a run in support of a cure for breast cancer. What ways do you get up and active everyday? Let us know!

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