7 Genius Kitchen Tools

I love my mandolin for finely sliced potatoes and carrots, and I couldn’t live without my garlic press (ok, that may be a bit overdramatic), so when I came across this list of new kitchen gadgets my interest was piqued. These are genius – seriously, I think there may be only one or two that I haven’t wish-listed since seeing this article. Without further ado, here are 7 genius new kitchen tools:
  1. Pluck – You will never have to battle to get yolks and whites apart again. It’s basically a suction tube that squeezes out the whites of an egg while saving the yolk. ($8)
geniuskitchenpluck 2. The Avocado Saver – THIS I need in my life for sure. It straps in your avocado to avoid oxidization and keeps it from getting brown and slimy. ($7) geniuskitchenavocado597 3. The Dipr – what it lacks in vowels, it makes up for in ingenuity. I hate getting things on my fingers, so dipping is something I like to do with forks or chopsticks as much as possible, which kind of works sometimes, but this bad boy is designed specifically for milk and cookies. ($12 for a pack of four) geniuskitchendippr597 4. The grape and tomato cutter – although it lacks a catchy name, you can probably guess what it does. No more clumsy fiddling with those little fruits, my thumbs will be very grateful. ($10) geniuskitchentomato597 5. The Stem – not only do I love the words spritz and drizzle (great z sound, am I right?) I also love spritzing and drizzling my dishes with lime or lemon juice, made a billion times easier with the Stem. ($4) geniuskitchenstem597 6. Microwave omelet cooker – it’s a foldable dish that you put your eggs and toppings in, then pop in the microwave. Way easier than my attempted omelets that end up being scrambled eggs. geniuskitchenomelette597 7. Half N’ Half Cupcake Pan – ok, pretty sure I don’t need this, but I want it, I want it, I want it! Now you’ll never have to decide between chocolate or vanilla – simply pour one mix into one side, and another mix into the second side. Just think of the combinations!!! geniuskitchencupcake597

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