7 Golden Rules When You're 30 That Will Make Life Better At 50

A survey group of 50 and over's were asked to define what they're biggest regrets were in their 30s that could have made life easier now. We compiled 7 golden rules to abide by when it comes to your health at 30. Even if you think it doesn't matter now, these folks say it really does. 1. Don’t smoke. If you’ve started, stop immediately. It will 100% cause health problems. Quitting now will give your lungs and entire body time to restore themselves back to a healthy state. 2. Stop eating crap. You can not buy back your health, no matter how much money you make in life. Put down the processed, packaged, fast and greasy foods now. 3. EXERCISE REGULARLY. Building an active lifestyle when you're younger will keep your body in a routine for when it gets older. Start hitting the gym! 4. LEARN MEDITATION. It only costs your time, and a small amount at that. Finding inner peace, relieving stress and discovering clarity is totally worth it. 5. TRAVEL. Traveling is one of the greatest adventures in life. Travel everywhere, travel with money, travel on a budget, see nice hotels and one room shacks and camping tents and mountain peaks. 6. ORAL HYGIENE. Taking care of your teeth is serious business. See the dentist regularly. Getting crowns and fillings are expensive and time consuming, so make sure you can prevent as many as possible. 7. GIVE BACK. Giving back is healthy for the soul. Put your whole heart into a project for the community, or even just one person, and expect nothing in return but joy.     Let us know what your golden rules are for living a happy and healthy life!          

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