7 Great Morning Tips

The title has a double meaning, in that these tips are great, AND they promise to deliver a great morning. I am honestly not a morning person, but I’ve heard time and again that morning can be some of the most productive time of your day. In my quest to make myself more of a morning person, I stumbled across this Huffington Post article with 7 ways to guarantee a great morning.
  1. Be on time – I have a great personal saying, which unfortunately originated from an early 90s SNL skit, but the sentiment is just as important: if you’re not 5 minutes early, you’re 5 minutes late. You’ll just have so much less stress in general if you always aim to be early.
morningbe_on_time 2. Check in with your people – meeting with some key people for whatever project you are working on first thing in the morning can help get everyone on track right off the bat. If you work from home, a quick email, phone call or skype session can get everyone properly refocused on the tasks at hand. 3. Tackle what’s most important – don’t save the worst for last, get any task that you’ve been dreading done first and the rest of your day will be smooth sailing. morning priorities 4. Be present – this ties in nicely with the previous tip, if you don’t have something hanging over your head you are more likely to be attentive and fully present. 5. Catch up on the news – be aware of what’s happening in your industry. The easiest way to do this that I’ve found is signing up for email newsletters, devote a bit of time in your morning to make sure you actually read them. 6. Plan a mid-morning break – a great time to rewind, refresh, and maybe brainstorm with a co-worker. Rather than working straight through, a quick break can recharge you so that you work more efficiently the rest of the day. Remember, keep it brief, no early lunch break or hour long nap. 7. Make a “not-to-do” list – I love to do lists, I always make a daily to do list, (which compliments my monthly goals whiteboard, which in turn whittles away on my 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year goals document). You may not need to put “don’t play angry birds” on a list, but I’m sure you’re aware of your own habits or distractions that get in the way of your work. By labeling them and making them present you are more likely to get back to work the next time a distraction rears its head. morningNotToDoList The tips are a bit more geared towards people with office or standard 9-5 jobs (which I definitely do not have) but can be adjusted to fit anyone’s lifestyle. You might not be a natural morning person, or maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed a particular day, but these habits can help motivate and focus you to be the most efficient you can be.

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