7 Isometric Exercises to Build Muscle and Lose Weight

There are so many trends in the fitness world today that it can be hard to keep up! From throwing tires to handstand push-ups, it makes good old fashioned running feel like a faraway memory. But if all the madness is leaving you feeling more up in the air than ever, you may want to listen up! If you're trying to squeeze in a workout before heading to the beach or pool and don't quite feel like being covered in sweat with a beet red face and damp hair, then this might be the routine for you. It's called isometrics ... and you don't move a muscle, literally! Instead, they tense up! For example, in poses like plank, you're not actually moving around, however you're activating your muscle fibers due to equal forces pushing against one another. And yet, as you work out, there is simply no movement. What's even better? You can do them anywhere! Stop, drop and ... stay still to whittle your waist and take a break from sweat-induced routines. Here are seven to try. 1. Bent-Over Press Against Wall   Muscles worked: shoulders 2. Prayer Pose isometrics Muscles worked: chest 3. High Plank isometrics Muscles worked: core, back 4. Self Arm Wrestling isometrics Muscles worked: biceps and triceps 5. Triceps Extension Against Wall isometrics Muscles worked: triceps 6. Forearm Plank isometrics Muscles worked: abs 7. Low Squat isometrics Muscles worked: glutes, quads, adductors What isometric moves do you like to incorporate into your workout routine? Source: Greatist  

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