7 Photos Of Plus Size Women Rocking Bikinis And Looking Gorgeous!

Why is a low rise bikini on a plus size woman rarely touted as fashionable? It seems that even though larger ladies sporting two pieces is seen as body positive, there are still restrictions on how much skin is appropriate for them to show. Well here are 7 sexy, confident and bikini wearing women who are baring their bellies with pride: #1 Marie/@mariesouthardospina plus size bikini Marie, a writer from Bustle, decided to show off her tummy on the sands in an effort to promote body positivity. #2 Brittney/@brittness389 body confidence Britney displays her bikini bod as she dives into the pool! This Youtuber wants to show that she's loving the skin she's in no matter her size. #3 Ameillia/@bedford_avenue_soy_distributer swimsuit sexy "Ready to go swimming and offend people by loving myself." Ameillia captioned this bathroom snap. We're loving her cute wrap bikini and her self-love. #4 Caitlin/@majesticovaries beauty standards Caitlyn admires her frame in this sexy top and low-rise bottoms. She is a body positive blogger who loves being an example of a bigger girl who embraces her curves. #5 Corissa/@FatGirlFlow self esteem A twist on the "average" bikini body seflie, Corissa shows off as she soaks up the sun. "Some day they'll make plus size swimsuits that are low rise so my belly can hang. Until then I'm stuck getting the life squeezed outta my thighs by this XL suit from target." she writes. #6 Georgina/@fullerfigurefullerbust fatkini movement Loving the bikini collection she purchased for her honeymoon, Georgina strutted her stuff in this beautifully structured two piece! #7 Lauren/@4locrow body shaming Lauren looks fabulous and confident in her vibrant bikini! This has to be the epitome of body positivity captured in one picture! Show us your bikini bodies! What is the one thing you love about your figure? Source: Bustle  

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