7 Pro Tips for Sculpting and Toning Harder, Better and Faster!

Are you getting the most from your workout? We've put together the top 7 pro tips for burning more fat and seeing faster results from your routine.

#1 Hit the Treadmill Properly

Give yourself room when you're running to let your arms swing while keeping your shoulders relaxed and your chest out. This will keep you breathing properly while maintaining proper posture.

#2 Stay Hydrated

Getting enough H2O is vital to upping your workout's effectiveness. Muscle tissue is 75% water, so getting enough hydration means building and maintaining better muscles.

#3 Schedule In Rest

When doing circuits, or any kind of exercise, proper rest is essential to letting your muscles recover. It is unhealthy to hit a workout relentlessly without rest, and provides poor results.

#4 Add Hills

After a month of treadmill workouts, it's time to add in some hills. Get off the flat ground and incorporate hill climbing to increase your strength and add extra challenge to your routine.

#5 Push Your Protein

If building muscle is your goal, then protein is your best friend. You can get protein through supplements, powder, meat, lentils, eggs and tofu. Try drinking a protein shake before and after your workout to keep your muscles absorbing those amino acids!

#6 Know Your Limit

Don't overexert yourself by using weights that are too heavy, because this could actually have a negative impact on muscle growth. Think lighter weights and more reps to see better results and not risk damaging your muscles.

#7 Hit Cardio After The Weights

Lifting before cardio has been shown to be more effective then the opposite. Keep cardio scheduled to follow weights, or do each on a different day.

What are your top tips for getting the most from your workout? Share them with us!


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