7 Real 'I Need to Lose Weight' Aha Moments

It’s nothing to sugarcoat. Changing your poor exercise and unhealthy eating habits can be hard. Weight loss takes dedication, perseverance, and time. There also may be something extra that will get you on the bandwagon to lose weight, such as a birth of a child, class or family reunion, wedding, or even health issues. These seven women pinpoint the moment that they realized weight loss needs to be one of their goals. Here are their stories. annamarie rivera Annamarie Riveria, Age 28 Annamarie had nothing positive for her that she was experiencing in her life. She was around people who didn’t care much about her. She was also in a verbally and physically abusive relationship. She experienced a lack of self-love and low self-esteem. She experienced a 100-pound weight gain in just 1-2 years. One day she was on her way home from work, and she drove by Planet Fitness gym. She passed by this gym every day, so she was unsure why it hit her at that time. She did a U-turn, went in, and signed up. The gym gave her mental and physical strength. When she started seeing changes, she began putting more energy and time into eating healthier and working out. She was finally starting to love herself. She has lost 199 pounds. roni noone Roni Noone, Age 39 Roni was your average yo-yo dieter throughout her teen years and in her 20s. She was always worried about her weight and was always on a diet. She tend to always be gaining or losing weight. After she gave birth to her son, things changed. She wanted to set a good example for him. Roni has lost 70 pounds. samantha rothermund Samantha  Rothermund, Age 24 Samantha was active in high school and played sports. She figured since she was active, she would be able to eat whatever she felt like and that she would stay the same weight. However, once she graduated, she started to go out to eat every night with her friends. It was a way for her to be social. She gained weight, but never stopped being a happy person. She started dating a guy in college and she went to meet his family, and during that time, the guy’s brother sent him a text saying that she was fat. She immediately felt low self-esteem and she knew she needed to do something about her weight. She dediced it was time to join the gym. She lost 50 pounds. dannii-martin_0 Dannii Martin, Age 31 Dannii had started gaining weight when she was 13 years old. She was always an emotional type of eater. Danni left her home during her early years. She never cooked any healthy meals on her own. Danni was consuming around 4,000 calories daily. She started experienced breathing and heart issues. After getting tests done at the hospital, the doctor said it was due to her weight. That’s when she decided to get healthy. She's lost 98 pounds. theodora blanchfield Theodora Blanchfield, Age 32 Theodora was always active while she was growing up. She was on the gymnastic and tennis team in high school. However, when she got into college, she didn’t know how to workout outside of a team setting. Her metabolism wasn’t able to handle the beer and increase in takeout food. Once she started working out, and adding some happy hours, she had gained 50 pounds total since she went to school. She had a few aha moments, such as not wanting to see ‘190’ on the scale, fitting into designer jeans, and not wanting to take up too much room on an airplane. However, her main aha moment was her best friend’s wedding. She refused to be the ‘fat girl’ on the beach. She had lost 35 pounds within six months before the wedding. She then lost 15 more pounds six months after the wedding. karley richard Karley Richard, Age 24 During Karley’s second semester of United States Military Academy, she was assaulted. She didn’t tell anyone for two whole months. She just hid in her room and ate food for comfort. She weighed 190 by the time she left. In addition to her being assaulted, she was in an unhealthy relationship and she developed poor eating habits with that as well. She started working out every day after her break up and found her future husband just six months later, who encourages her to further her healthy lifestyle. She has lost 36 pounds. tina haupert Tina Haupert, Age 35 After Tina took a vacation with her friends, she returned home by being a few pounds heavier. She didn’t feel good about herself at all. Her post-college weight gain totaled 25 pounds. It made her want to change her eating habits as soon as she could. She wanted to lose weight at that moment, and she ended up losing 25 pounds. Do you have a weight loss aha moment? Source:  Shape Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_112632" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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