7 Reasons 40 is Sexy

There is a longtime connection made between youth and beauty that emphasizes a stigma that as you increase in age, you decrease in attractiveness. Yes, as you get older your body may change, but why does that have to be a bad thing? Just because it's changing doesn't mean you have to have to see it as a downward slope...fight back! I'm not saying plastic surgery and crazy anti-everything creams - I mean don't let life slow you down. Did you exercise when you were 20? Why stop now? If you didn't, START! Have you had bad eating habits for the last 15 years? Better late than never! And if you've always been on a good path, then keep on going and reap all the benefits of health and most importantly...happiness! All 7 of these women below are over 40 and asides from looking F***ING amazing, they all look HAPPY (well maybe not Salma Hayek so much...but she's not really a smile-er)  

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