7 Reasons Jenna Marbles is My Role Model

For anyone who doesn't know who Jenna Marbles is, you clearly spend less time on the internet than I do. And for that, I congratulate you. But for anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes on YouTube, you've probably heard of her at least once. She's a YouTube "comedian" who has been featured in the New York Times, in bed with Joan Rivers  and has over 13 million subscribers on YouTube. Jenna+Marbles+3rd+Annual+Streamy+Awards+Show+-XrSVTENIQwl And it all started with this: She's kind of an (internet) big deal 174502405 So I generally find her hysterical, as do many others, but I think she's actually a fantastic role model for young women. "She swears like a sailor" That's offensive to sailors. And lets be honest, swearing is the least of our concerns when talking about issues 14 year old girls are facing. If they can come into young adulthood with a positive body image, healthy eating habits and a realistic outlook on relationships, I think they can swear as much as they f*cking want. Perspective. Alright but lets break down my reasoning for idolizing this blue-haired woman.  

7. She's well-educated & accomplished.

She has a masters degree from Boston University. She may not be using it in her current profession, but it shows she can actually stick to something and follow through. Higher education is not always necessary in certain fields, but should ALWAYS be an encouraged option. Obviously she's done a lot to get to where she is and has tons of accolades to prove it.

6. She's an animal lover

Her dogs, Marbles and Kermit, are adorable. That deserves a spot on this list. jenna-marbles images  

5. She's not afraid to be seen without makeup

For someone who is so incredibly (and intentionally) in the public eye, I'm incredibly surprised she's comfortable going au-natural as much as she does. Beyond that, she often COMPARES her own transformation. She puts this out there for millions to see, that takes balls. And she doesn't do it with any sort of reservation or apologies, she owns it. Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.02.05 AM tumblr_mdgi67gaUA1riie50o1_500

4. She talks about diet

For young girls, this is HUGE. And given how young her following is, I'm impressed she seems to approach it with such attention. She makes no qualms about the fact that when she's at her peak, she's eating clean and working out. VMF10eEBIKAyx3By-2k5ng But she also acknowledges that she drinks alcohol and tends to binge on junk food. She even opens up about when she goes overboard. She went through a breakup and talked about/joked about how she had an unhealthy relationship with food after that. Which is a VERY common occurrence.

3. She handles attention like a human

She doesn't act like a celebrity. She doesn't act like she's above those around her. She goes to YouTube conventions and spends all day hugging her 13-year-old fans. I have never seen an interview of her where I thought "wow this is really rehearsed" or "oh what's she going to plug next". She answered questions, even those to Joan Rivers, with (sometimes unsolicited) honesty. 9064811

2. She doesn't hide her past.

She used to be a gogo dancer. You can still find tons of pictures online, she talks about it all the time, it's not made into a taboo subject. She doesn't even speak about it negatively. It's just a fact and she addresses it as such with her signature flair of humour. "Why would we encourage our children to look up to a dancer?" Why wouldn't you encourage your children to look up to someone who is honest about their life and where they've come from? The worst thing you can do is look back on your actions with regret. I'm not saying you should take them for lessons, I'm saying you should teach them not to judge someone based on a fact like that alone.

1. She's weird as f*ck

There is no denying that Jenna Marbles is as weird as can be. And I mean that in the best way possible. Nyan-jenna-marbles-33556256-500-277 She makes jokes about herself and her own personality CONSTANTLY. She is not afraid to be goofy and to be herself. Many people would not put themselves out there like this. It takes a huge level of confidence to put yourself out there and take risks like this. It's obviously worked for her because people love her for it - so I'm sure you could partially label it an act. But regardless, she's not playing the sex kitten or fashion guru - she's playing everyones friend. She's playing the real person with real life experience. She's playing the real person who watches tv with a snuggie full of crumbs. jenna-marbles-7 She's not afraid to be crude, crass and make subversive jokes. Cause guess what - girls do that too! And not in a shock in awe way, just a regular way. And that's exactly what she does. 0pM4vlm "Sometimes she dresses too revealing" Again, we're going to go back to judging someones worth based on something so surface level? If I just told you all the reasons someone is great, and you still have a problem with them because of some cleavage, that sounds like your problem - not theirs.   Besides for every time you see her like this: 743100475_tumblr_m3xldeIDDp1qcjfv3o1_400_large_xlarge Jenna-Marbles_40-373x500     There's this: 0 images (1)    


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