7 Reasons to Let Carli Bybel Do Your Hair & Makeup!

Call her the makeup mogul of our time. Or the queen of makeup. Or today's beauty icon. photo 2 (2) Carli Bybel is making her way known into the fashion world with her incredible makeup, hair, and fashion tutorials on her YouTube channel. With over one million and a half subscribers, there's no wonder why people love Carli! She was even featured on Project Runway:All Stars as one of their YouTube Icons! photo 2 (3) Here are 7 of my favorite video tutorials from Carli: 1. She does celebrity makeup tutorials as well and they are actually pretty dead on! Her celebrity makeup tutorials include Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, and Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima. Here is a video tutorial that she did of Adriana Lima's makeup: b2f4d41467113a813c75c48873b9e7f6 2. She has amazing hair. I am a bit jealous of her big, bouncy raven waves! But not to worry, she shows us how to get them! Here is her "How to get Voluminous Waves" hair tutorial video:   3. She shares with us her go to makeup routine for going out, step by step and it is very easy to follow along. Here is her "Go To Night Out Makeup Tutorial" video:   4. She even made a video for those of us who hate spending time doing our makeup. Guilty as charged! Here is a makeup routine that you can wear everyday-and it only takes ten minutes to do! Here is her "Simple Everyday Makeup In Ten Minutes or Less" video:   5. She also does some wicked Halloween makeup tutorials including Jasmine from Aladdin and this badass Barbie Skeleton. Checkout this "Barbie Unzipped" Halloween makeup tutorial that features her face unzipping into a skeleton. pink-polkadot-final   6. Carli even shares her morning ritual with us. Everyone needs a morning ritual, right? photo 2   7. In this last video, Carli takes off all of her makeup to share with us her nightly routine!     Whether its her stunning blue eyes or her insane fashion sense, Carli Bybel is sure to capture your attention with her amazing makeup tutorials!   Love beauty? Try this yummy Pumpkin Body Scrub for glowing skin!   Photo Source: The Beauty Bybel

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