7 Reasons Men Should Do Yoga

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE yoga, and cannot push it on people enough. I basically go door to door, extolling the virtues of practicing yoga – kind of like a Yoga’s Witness. These past 6 years that I’ve been doing yoga, the majority of the classes have been women, but, especially in the past year, I’ve noticed a huge rise in the amount of men showing up to their mats. The times are a-changing, so gentlemen, here are 7 man-centric reasons to practice yoga:
  1. Yoga alleviates pain injury: men are very prone to back, knee, and joint pain. The alignment and control of a yoga practice will help open up the body, without pushing it past your limits, safely ridding your body of pain.
  2. Yoga keeps your body fit, flexible, and strong: people think that I’m “good” at yoga because I’m flexible – uh, how do you think I became flexible? The poses will work specific muscles and open up your body in a safe way, so that slowly, with practice and time, you’ll become more flexible.
  3. Yoga provides a fun challenge: the poses can be difficult, sometimes even frustrating, but it’s a challenge without that competitive edge, which can sometimes result in injury.
  4. Yoga will help improve diet, sleep, and overall health: yoga is all about body and mind, using both in tandem to achieve optimal health.
  5. Yoga allows you to do the things you love more efficiently and for longer: (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN). Yoga makes you feel amazing, and you put that feeling into the rest of your life. Yoga is way more about what you do off your mat than just the actual poses.
  6. Yoga improves performance (wink wink, nudge nudge) and relieves stress: if you can remain calm and grounded in a pose where your legs feel on fire and your abs are clenching for dear life, if you can breathe through that challenge, then you can breathe through a tough meeting, a stressful event, or any other challenge that you may face.
  7. Yoga is the fountain of youth: I don’t doubt this AT ALL, people who have been doing yoga regularly look amazing. You’ll also feel younger, and you’re only as old as you feel.
So gents, become a yoga bro, or practice “broga” as the cool kids (as in me) are calling it, and you’ll see a wealth of benefits. At least try it out, after all, an hour in a room full of girls clad in yoga pants? Could be worse. [caption id="attachment_51386" align="alignnone" width="550"]Men with their daughters on family day at Power Yoga Canada - Sooooo cute! Men with their daughters on family day at Power Yoga Canada - Sooooo cute![/caption]   Image Source http://www.zenerationsofboca.com

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