7 Reasons A New Exercise Regime Is The Cure For Your Broken Heart

1. It teaches you to fight through the moments where you feel like dying.

If you're going to start exercising after a break up, find an activity that regularly makes you feel like you are dying. I say this because it will train you for that first time you see your ex walking down the street. You will, no doubt, in that moment feel like you are dying. But it's all good, you took up a healthy exercise routine so you know how to push through the discomfort. Exercise makes you resilient, in mind and body.

2. The last thing your ex wants is for you to get HOTTER

It may be simplistic and petty but more often than not, when we first split with someone, we want two things:
  1. To find someone new before they do
  2. that they let themselves go and become unattractive
Being a better you after a split is a perfect 'payback.' Even if you split on good terms, it doesn't hurt to make them see that they missed out on something amazing.

3. Exercise gives you something productive to do

Wallowing in your pjs watching sad chick flicks on Netflix while eating a tub of ice cream does not count as productive. Exercise is a hobby that trains and tones you while filling your day with meaningful activity. Spare time fans the flames of heartache. Don't let the fire grow, do something with your time that you can be proud of later. Keep yourself busy with over 80 hours of on demand workouts available on SweatFlix℠. Get all your favorite BodyRock Workouts in one place! With new content added all the time, you'll never get bored while healing your heart!

4. Exercise rearranges your priorities

Before, all you wanted was your ex to come back to you, say sorry and you'd get back together, stronger than ever. Now, you want a shower and protein shake, maybe some new workout clothes. True love is hard to find, at least your fitness goals are completely within your control.

5. It forces you to take care of yourself

Sometimes, post break up, we forget the basics. Showering, sleeping. Eating. None of this is an option when you are working out to the max. Try doing your morning workout on 3 hours sleep and no food. Exercise makes your focus on your physical needs which will contribute to your overall sense of well being.

6. Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy

And happy people don't fall into a friends with benefits relationship with an ex that only makes them feel more desperate and heartbroken with every hook up. Skip the sex hormones for now, focus on the exercise ones.

7. It makes change tangible

The first time you got dumped, it was more than you could handle. Just as the first time you went for a run, you could barely make it around the block. But you got better. You built your endurance. With practice and patience you built yourself up into an improved version of yourself that can handle more than it ever could before. Once you start to see the physical changes, it make the emotional changes easier to spot. You're stronger than you think. So, buck up and get your butt moving! Ease your heart hurt and get healthy at the same time. Is it possible to go wrong? I don't think so. Source: Thought Catalog  

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