7 Signs You Need to Break Up With a Friend

Friendships do come and go, it is a reality that sadly we all must deal with. We grow and change in life, and sometimes your friends don't grow or change with us. Here are 7 big signs that it is time to say goodbye to a friend:

#1 They're way too competitive.

It becomes exhausting when their "compliments" are backhanded, and they act ridiculous trying to compete with your looks/accomplishments/relationship.

#2 They use you.

They just expect you're going to pick them up all the time when you want to hang out, or that you're going to pick up the tab when you have a few drinks together.

#3 They share your secrets.

You can't confide in them without hearing what you said come back around from different people. There's no trust there.

#4 They aren't there for you.

They're not supportive when you are in crisis, and always spin the conversation back themselves.

#5 They're too dramatic.

You just can't deal with all their drama. Whether they bring it into your friendship, or you just are sick of seeing their constant snide statuses on Facebook, drama is so tiring and not necessary.

#6 They make you feel bad about yourself.

They put you down way more than they build you up. They might be, (and most likely are) jealous, and they don't mind showing it.

#7 They are unreliable.

You're always up to get together when they call, but when you make the plans, they always bail. It's not worth the runaround with someone who's always ditching!

What are signs you saw in a friend that told you it was time to end it? What did you do to break it off? Let us know!

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