The 7 Signs You've Found The Perfect Bedroom Partner

You may be compatible OUTSIDE of the bedroom, but is he or she the one for you when it comes to matters between the sheets? Here are the 7 signs you've found yourself the ideal bedroom partner! #1 Your O's Are OMG Your lover knows exactly what to do to make you come, and often. #2 You're Comfortable With Each Other You feel hot and provocative, and never like you're being looked at from a bad angle or worried about your hair. #3 You Don't Get Embarrassed You can laugh at goofy mishaps (like struggling to get your bra off) and not feel embarrassed or awkward. #4 There's Getting It On and Making Love, and You Both Know The Difference You can have hot, passionate romps all you want. But there are times when you slow it down and really get lost in each other. #5 You're Down To Please Them You have no issue pleasing your partner and they have no issue with returning the favor. #6 They Give You Confidence Your partner makes you feel radiant both in and out of the bedroom. They appreciate parts of your body you would never even think of finding beautiful. #7 You Fantasize About Them They are always the star of your fantasies! Move over, Channing. What are things you love about your partner? Share them with us!  

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