7 Simple Ways To Make Your Gym Stuff Last Longer

Most gym gear isn't cheap so avoid shopping for replacements prematurely by using these simple clothing hacks!

1. Freeze the stuff that stinks.

We all have clothes that hold a little odour no matter how many times we try to wash them. Stop washing them, stick them in the freezer. The cold temps in the freezer kill the bacteria causing the odour! Problem solved.

2. Leave them inside out.

Faded clothes can really erode one's enthusiasm for that crack of dawn workout. No matter what colour your clothes are, turn them inside out before you wash them and the colour will stay far longer.

3. Ditch the fabric softener.

We may think that if our clothes smell 'clean,' they must be clean. But this may not always be true. Our workout clothes are often made of a sweat whisking material but fabric softeners can leave a residue that clogs them up and renders them less effective. Plain old detergent is all you need. gear

4. Soak them in vinegar.

Add a cup of white vinegar to a clean sink of water, add clothes and soak for 15-30 minutes before putting them in the washer. Remember to rinse them thoroughly as bleach and vinegar do NOT mix, and wash as normal.

5. Shower with your sports bra.

Hand washing clothes can feel like a time consuming pain when all you want to do is throw them in the machine and walk away. But the last thing you want is your sports bra to lose shape and support so keep a little bit of washing liquid in the shower so you can clean your sports bra (in cold water) before you clean yourself. Hang over the rail to dry and you're done.

6. Alternate your shoes.

Shoes ain't cheap. Two pairs? Even less cheap. BUT, if you are able to stretch your means to buying two pairs, you'll get longer and better wear out of both. Turns out, you aren't the only one who needs rest days. Switching shoes every couple of sessions helps them to decompress and keep their form. You can have two of the same pair or do a light pair for mat work and a sturdy pair for cardio. It is up to you.

7. Tumble dry with caution.

Dryers are hell on elastics. Air drying any of your gym clothes that have a stretch is a good idea. If your clothes are light and natural, like cotton, the dryer is okay. When in doubt, hang them up. How do you make your workout clothes last? Share your tips with us! Source: Cosmopolitan Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_110461" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]    

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