7 Smoothie Ingredients That Make You Slimmer!

Smoothies are already a healthy, nutritious part of your daily routine. But you could easily kick it up a notch with these 7 amazing ingredients. Not to mention that each of these foods taste fantastic and help you to drop pounds quickly and keep them off! Give these 7 smoothie additions a try and see the results for your self. INPOST1 (1)

#1 Acai Berries

  This little wonder-berry boosts your body's immune system so you can ward off colds and flus. Thanks to their high level of antioxidants and fibre, they can energize you while keeping you feeling full all morning long. They help supercharge your metabolism so you torch more body fat when hitting the gym. Try acai berries with lush strawberries, blueberries and almond milk.

#2 Chia Seeds

  These seeds are becoming wildly popular, and for good reason! They are full of rich omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and protein. Scientific studies have proven that chia seed consumption can shrink your waistline, so they are an essential component to any breakfast. To melt fat and reap all of the health benefits included in chia seeds, try them with a delicious fruit smoothie with bananas and cacao.

#3 Cacao

  As mentioned above, cacao goes very well with fat burning chia seeds. Whether in powder or nib form, cacao is high in amino acids and helps boost serotonin levels in the brain to make you feel happier throughout the day. Cacao can regulate your sleeping patterns and promote weight loss even while you snooze. It also keeps cravings for sugary or fatty foods at bay so you don't sabotage your diet. Try it with almond milk, bananas, chia seeds and berries. [bctt tweet="7 Smoothie Ingredients That Make You Slimmer!"]

#4 Lucuma Powder

  This Peruvian fruit is new to the weight loss world but has not yet become popularized as the new 'it' food. The powder form is an ancient substance packed with zinc and calcium that blends splendidly into a banana smoothie. This powder has been proven to detoxify and purify the body while aiding in pound shedding.

#5 Kale

  Make a fortified green smoothie with this superfood superstar and you'll be seeing the results on the scale in no time! Loaded with vitamins, kale also lowers your risk of developing heart disease. It's rich in beta-carotene, lutein and protein and fibre (weight loss heavyweight nutrients). Blend kale with avocados, other leafy greens and mangoes.

#6 Pumpkin Seeds

  Mineral-dense pumpkin seeds promote weight loss by reducing stress and inflammation within the body. The less anxious, worried and inflamed you are, the easier it is to shed pounds. These miracle seeds make a great snack on their own but they also make a creative addition to your mixture in the blender. Try coconut milk, honey, pumpkin seeds and ginger for a subtle yet powerful shake!

#7 Oats

  An unconventional smoothie-alternative! Oats are amazing weight loss contributors because of their high fibre content. They keep you feeling full, energized and keep your metabolism revving throughout the day to burn off calories easily. Mix bananas, oats, agave and cacao nibs for a delicious smoothie treat. Give these foods a try in your breakfast smoothie and let us know what you think!

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