7 Strong, S*xy Fit Women Who Are Worth Celebrating!

These beautiful, strong and fitness-focused women may have been thrust into the spotlight from a young age, but they have blossomed into iconic stars! Both active and proactive, see how these women have grown into positive role models in all aspects of life. #1 Selena Gomez Long gone are her days of appearing on Barney And Friends! The gorgeous 22-year-old became a household name after her starring role on the Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place, and she is now an international pop sensational and actress. She has made bold moves defying body-shamers, promoting positive self-esteem and has redefined herself as a s*x symbol as she sheds her child-star roots. #2 Kate Upton Model-of-the-moment Kate has taken the fashion world by storm at only 23. She has graced the big screen in movie roles, and dominated the runway by bringing the bodacious blonde bod back in style. The stunner has been making waves in the industry since she was only 17. She promotes healthy eating and avoiding binge-drinking to her younger, fitness conscious fans. #3 Britney Spears Brit has had her share of (public) ups and downs since she became a wildly popular mega star at only 17. She has now emerged as an amazingly strong fit-inspiration who has transformed her lifestyle to lose weight, tone her figure, become more healthy and find a balance. We're loving what 2015 Britney is about! #5 Brooke Shields Now 50, Brooke has been in the spotlight since she was only a teen. She went topless on screen at only 14, and was constantly s*xualized by the media. But Brooke has come a long way from her child star past, and is now a role model for women who want to be fit and fab at 50! The beautiful model encourages fans to get healthy with yoga, and to eat a fresh, nutritious diet. She attributes fruit smoothies to her flawless, line-free complexion. #6 Kendall Jenner Having her pre-adolescent years captured on camera for the world to watch has not been easy for the aspiring model. But Kendall has grown up with grace and found her own voice in the cluster of Kardashian-sister media attention. The 19-year-old uses her Instagram account to give young fans a glimpse into her fitness routine, and to follow her cardio and toning workouts to stay in shape. #7 Taylor Swift The 25-year-old songstress has become quite a mature, fashionable and fit star after emerging on the scene as a country prodigy. Taylor has such a likeable personality and dedicated to making her fans feel loved, as well as trying to aid them through physical and mental stresses. Taylor runs regularly, and eats fresh salads and probiotics to stay lean and healthy. Which of these seven stars is your favourite? Who do you look up to as a strong, fit and fabulous role model? Source: The Richest  

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