7 Things Dieticians Are Begging You To Stop Doing

Hear it straight from experts on what you need to stop doing in order to make progress. These 8 trends that people follow when trying to lose weight drive dieticians nutty, seriously: 1) Going "Free" Many people have to cut dairy or gluten because they have a real intolerance. If you don't medically need to, going free of anything doesn't do much for your weight. Incorporating all foods in moderation, and focusing on more healthy greens and less sugar is the best foundation for shedding pounds.   2) Food Shaming This is when others shame you for the foods you're eating, or vice versa. For example, "You're going to eat that? It has so many calories and is not 'clean'." If you want to indulge in a slice of pie, do it without fear I say! 3) Food Is Toxic This mindset that no matter what you eat it's going to ruin your body is horrible. Yes, many foods contain no nutritional value and could be increasing your risks diseases if you over-consume them. That's why making healthy choices is worth it, and will benefit you. 4) Superfoods Even kale, chia seeds and blueberries aren't perfect. They have impressive nutritional resumes, but do fall short in giving you every nutrient you need. Each natural fruit and vegetable has a purpose and a place in your diet. 5) Nutrient Shaming Carbs are not solely the culprit for weight gain, and healthy fats certainly aren't. Making smarter decisions on which carbs and fats you need to let in and which you should kick to the curb is the best way to balance your diet. 6) Detoxes Eating foods like kiwi, lemon and spinach will naturally flush away the toxins present in your body. You don't need to juice them away, or go on a watermelon diet to purify our system. 7) Following Celebs Just because Jennifer Lawrence eats 13 bananas a day (I don't think she does) or Gwyneth Paltrow endorses lemon water (she actually does), doesn't mean you need to. Do what's good for your body and not what's trendy in Hollywood. Are you guilty of any of these? Share your thoughts with us!  

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