7 Things Only Girls with Big Boobs Understand

We love all boob sizes here! Boobs are beautiful, big or small. Here are 7 things only the larger cupped ladies will understand about the daily struggles and delights of having big boobs: 1) Buying lingerie isn't always easy Finding the right fit with the right support can be a wild goose chase at times! To top things off, you're never the same size in every shop. And those silky nighties and fun, sexy corsets probably won't work for you, as they tend to only make them in smaller sizes. Ugh! 2) Bras strewn across your living room At the end of the day, nothing feels nicer than releasing your tatas from the confines of a bra laden with underwire! 3) Minimiser bras They come in handy for those times when you just want to wear that certain shirt which wasn't designed for your big busted physique. 4) Sometimes you gotta adjust Honestly, you're just moving them around for comfort. You're not fondling yourself in the public eye, pervs! 5) Eyes up here, sir Yes they're big and voluptuous, but sometimes we want to have a serious conversation without the constant stares. 6) Running is tricky You want to get into cardio, but even a light run can cause all sorts of bouncing issues. Sometimes even a proper sports bra can't contain your...jogging partners. 7) More women are obsessed with them than men You do encounter jaw-drops from the fellas, but the ladies are very interested in your ladies as well. It's something every big boobed girl has encountered. Share with us the things you love or problems you can relate to when it comes to big boobs!      

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