7 Things Single, Independent Women Secretly Want

We may be strong, independent and don’t need no man, but that doesn’t mean having one wouldn’t be nice!

We find fulfillment in our work and other areas of our lives, and are capable of being on our own. But even though we can be happy being single, the thought of sharing our experiences with a significant other is something we truly desire.

Let’s just admit that we can all relate to most of these:

1. We want to cook with someone.

We may not all be Gordon Ramsay, but attempting to cook a loving meal for someone beats those lonely TV dinner nights.

2. We want to be needed and trusted.

We’re often that friend who offers advice and support to others. Sometimes it would be nice to have someone we can confide in for a change.

3. We want someone to ask us about our day.

We want to be pleasantly reminded that we’re thought about throughout the day. A simple “how is your day going” text can instantly brighten our day.


4. We want someone to say goodnight to.

At the end of a long day, we want to be the last thing on someone’s mind. There’s nothing like the giddy feeling you get when someone makes you feel important.

5. We want to feel valued.

It’s not that we don’t feel that we’re valuable, but it’s comforting knowing that someone else needs us to.

6. We want to be surprised.

Anything to break our routine will do! – As simple as sending us a sweet text out of the blue or as extravagant as planning a romantic dinner.

7. We want to stop hearing, “Why are you single?”

We simply haven’t found the right person yet and there’s nothing wrong with that! No explanation needed.

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