7 Things You Cannot Wear Past 25 (Apparently).

According to the site thetagroom.com you aren't suppose to wear any of these things if you are over 25 years old (I'm not sure what will happen if you do lol). 1. Short-shorts: [caption id="attachment_74567" align="alignnone" width="615"]celebrity_short_shorts_main (photo: VH1)[/caption] This is what they had to say about short shorts: You know the ones that show half your bum? Yeah, those need to go in the bin. 2. Knee socks: [caption id="attachment_74568" align="alignnone" width="576"]bloggers-knee-socks (photo:MTV)[/caption] Their take on knee socks over 25: These are no longer cute schoolgirl, but more depressing wannabe schoolgirl. Not a good look! 3. Hair accessories: [caption id="attachment_74569" align="alignnone" width="550"]Celebrities-Hair-Accessories (photo: Edwardlewisstyle)[/caption] Apparently these are a no-no: Unless you’re going to a festival, hair accessories are a definite no! Is this a f*cking joke? 4. Cheap clothes: Interestingly no picture was given for this. But they did say: Now that your paycheck is (hopefully) a little bigger, now is the time to stop splurging all your cash on drinks and spend a little on some decent clothes. You know it’s the right thing to do. This one is just so snobbish and stupid - plus I love H&M. 5. Glitter: They say: Just. Stop. We say: We agree. 6. Pleated skirts: [caption id="attachment_74570" align="alignnone" width="640"]Katy-Perry-Britney-Spears-School-Girl (Photo: Thegloss)[/caption] They say: Again with the schoolgirl thing. Not cute anymore! We kinda are always going to love this Britney look. 7. Low-rise jeans: low-rise-womens-jeans They say: Flashing your midriff is so 2000. Don’t do it! We say flash whatever the hell you feel like, but there is such a thing as too low: ultralowrise02 The verdict:  Fashion is a matter of personal expression, and while not everyone is blessed with stellar taste, people should wear whatever they want. Suggesting that you can't pull off the above looks after 25 is just idiotic. It sounds like it was written by someone who thinks 25 is old (shudder). What are you thoughts on this list - when does dressing "age appropriate" kick in or should it ever?    

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