7 Tips To Keep Your Attitude In Check

Attitude!! – best described as a state on mind. Our state of mind can go into a negative frame or a positive flow.  Whichever way it goes makes a huge difference to how we feel about things around us. With a negative flow, we start to build a case about what is not working in our lives and with a positive flow, we look for opportunities to make life work for us.  Besides a state of mind, with colder, longer days we can easily feel down and despondent. The lack of sunshine can lead to lack of energy and chutzpah. Here are a few things you can do to keep your attitude in check before the mind takes over and possibly heads in the wrong direction.
  1. Light therapy: can have a dramatic effect on your well being. Yellow light stimulates intellect while Turquoise helps mental relaxation. Red generates enthusiasm while blue has an overall calming effect. How to do light therapy? Get different color bulbs and go into a closed room and have the color bulb shed its glow.
  2. Keeping up appearances: go for your hair appointment, do your nails, have a massage or whatever else makes you feel good.
  3. Reflexology: A good old fashion foot massage that targets areas of the body and promotes full body circulation promotes feelings of well being.
  4. Fresh air: get outside and go for a walk, even a 10 minute walk can help.
  5. Be creative: Paint a picture, redecorate a dull room, even changing the furniture around can stir up some good vibes.
  6. Do something for someone else: Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to your community and feel good about it; get the whole family involved.
  7. Exercise: The feeling you can get after a good workout is just awesome; exercising releases positive endorphins and that is always a good thing to keep up a positive attitude.
  The trick to a good attitude is focusing on positive things in your life and catching yourself before you get into a negative funk. Keep positive and pay attention to where your mind goes.  Please share your thoughts as well as any additional suggestions you may have to get through the winter months with a positive attitude.  

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