7 Touchy Subjects worth Discussing with Your Partner

There are certain subjects we all try to avoid when getting serious with someone, because we don’t want to offend them nor have our own opinions judged. Whether you end up sharing the same views or discover you differ completely, showing an interest in each other’s perspective can help build communication, trust and respect. If you’re meant to be, these subjects shouldn’t be deal breakers. The answers might help you assess whether they’re a good fit – or not!

1. Attitudes about Money

Instead of competing over who should pick up the check, discuss your views on spending and saving. Knowing your budget constraints can help take the pressure off planning dates, and buying the perfect birthday gift.

2. Faith

Discussing faith without imposing your opinions can be a delicate task. If you identify with a particular faith and feel that it’s important to your future together, share these feelings and be open to other ideas.

3. Feelings about Kids

We’re not all cut out for screaming and diapers! Find out whether or not you each want children and if so, how many and when. Make sure you’re on the same page, before you end up on Maury…

4. Commitment to Work

Work/life balance is important for your health and your partner’s too. If one of you is married to your job, make sure you set time aside for one another and, please… don’t forget the date!

5. Level of Wanderlust

Managing differing desires to travel and try new things can be tricky. Do you have dreams of travelling the world but your partner prefers to stay at home? Try taking a weekend trip together before zipping off to Paris.

6. Health

It’s important to be open about health concerns with your partner, especially if it can affect them too. Supporting each other with fitness goals and healthy habits can also bring you closer together.

7. Sex Drive.

Sex is one of the most common subjects couples fight about. Discuss preferences, libido and kink levels in order to make each other feel comfortable and confident. Remember, we’re not all playboys 24/7.

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