7 Training Differences Between Men and Women

It’s time for a bit of a knowledge bomb.
Ever felt like you have more gas left in the tank at the end of your workout than your boyfriend or male workout partner? Are guys actually superior when it comes to everything fitness related? Should you put down that popcorn and eat some avocado with chia seed sprinkles instead? I’m #blessed to have some friends who are fitness geniuses. One of those guys is Greg Nuckols. I went deep into the microcosms of Greg’s mind (a blog post) and I brought it down to a level both you and I could understand. 7 fun facts you probably didn’t know but you should. 1. Women have about two-thirds the muscle mass men do. (1/2 the upper body muscle mass of men and 3/4 the lower body muscle mass) 2. Men tend to be stronger almost entirely because they have larger bodies and have more muscle mass. So if a man and woman have the same size muscles, they should have roughly the same strength. 3. Women tend to have slower metabolisms than men due to less muscle mass and smaller         body size. 4. Women tend to have twice the fat of men but have better health because of it's distribution.    (Men have more fat around organs and abdominal area which Increases risk of heart        disease, diabetes, and other health problems) 5. Mens’ muscles tend to be better suited for explosive and max-effort (ex. sprinting) but takes them longer to recover afterwards. 6. Women take longer to “hit the wall” because their muscles absorb more fat, absorb it faster and use more of it at any given intensity than men. 7. Women burn more fat than carbs during exercise but that reverses after exercise. Men burn more carbs than fat during exercise but that reverses after exercise.
What does all this mean anyway? 
  •  A man and woman with same sized muscles and body size will have similar strength and metabolism.
  •  If you’re a lady don’t be afraid of carbs.  Not only are they delicious and awesome and the more of them you eat, the more of them you burn.
  •  Women can train longer with more sets and reps before fatigue sets in, (relative to their max strength) and recover faster.
  • "You do not have a harder time losing weight because you’re a woman. Yes, you’ll probably have to eat fewer calories than a man who weighs the same amount you do, but the primary factors in determining your calorie needs are body size, body composition, and activity level, with gender playing little to no role.  If you’re more jacked and/or more active than a guy who weighs the same as you, then you can eat more than him.” says Greg.

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