7 Types Of Married Couples That Suck

1. The way too grateful to be married type

These are the couples that are so in love with the terms "husband" and "wife" that you aren't entirely sure they actually remember their significant other's name. Most couples have a few nerves about the end of the "honeymoon phase," but not these guys. These ones smile and nod and look at each other believing that they will never have to worry about something so silly getting in the way of their relationship. It is like this couple didn't exist as individuals before the met each other. Life began in their pairing. They will follow the gifting rules for each wedding anniversary and once they have children, they will become "World's Greatest Dad" and "World's Greatest Mom."

2. The overly enthusiastic about Game Night type

Games are fun. Especially where there is booze available. But games like Pictionary, Trivia Pursuit and Charades are only so fun. Be weary of the couple who is a little too excited about game night. Beneath their cheeriness lies a dark, borderline sociopathic devotion to order. They take a kind of lame but not unpleasant night and turn it into and incredibly lame, extremely unpleasant night by making it far too serious. Does it really matter that much that rules get broken once in a while?

3. The parenting obsessed type

This is the couple that you no longer recognize after the birth of their first child. This isn't to say that having a child doesn't change EVERYTHING, it does but this is still no excuse for helicopter parenting and an inability to discuss anything outside of their child's every move. They lose track of current events, buy only organic, all natural BPA free products and treat every decision like it is a major event. Like they are the first to ever have to decide between cloth and disposable diapers. They lose themselves in their obsession with their child all while claiming parenting is the most 'selfless' thing anyone can do.

4. The sickeningly co-dependent type

These two often get misidentified as the kind who are way too grateful to be married but they exist in a category all their own. It is like they are more attached to the marriage than to each other. They identify with their role as husband or wife so deeply that they fail to function as individuals. They refuse to socialize without the other party present and use the word "we" more than any other.

5. The excessively proud of each other type

One of the great benefits of being a couple is having a built in support system. We cheer each other on in good times and bad. Our partner's success is our success. But the thing is, no one outside of your relationship is going to be that pumped for your partner. In some ways, bragging about your partner is like bragging about yourself. It is looking for a pat on the back for choosing the right 'guy' or 'gal.' Not putting a cap on your partner promotion will make everyone around you sick to their stomach.

6. The constant bickering type

Sometimes it is refreshing to see another couple argue. It reminds you that life is imperfect and every couple fights occasionally. Occasionally being the operative word. It is really hard to feel any sympathy for a couple that is constantly subjecting outside parties to their dark relationship underbelly. We all have our own problems and no one wants to spend their time carrying the weight of another's. If you are bickering all the time, you're definitely getting on the nerves of the people around you.

7. The isolationist type

When you incorporate someone into your life in a complete way, it can be hard to handle the extra responsibility. There is work and bills, your health. It can be hard to balance everything so some couples retreat from the outside world. It is easier to just stay home. This type of couple loses friends and fast. Single, married or otherwise attached, what sorts of married couples irritate you? h/t: Thought Catalog


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