7 Unsexy Things You Wear that Actually Turn Him On

No doubt you have thoughts about what part of your wardrobe you find sexy. That little black dress, the heels. And you also probably have an idea of what isn't sexy. Your sweats, turtleneck sweater. But as this guy explains, we may have it all wrong! Have a look at these 7 outfits that seem innocent enough but get his motor running.

A T-Shirt and Jeans

Classic. You can't really go wrong here. A snug little t-shirt and jeans that show off your curves creates that girl next door look that drives him mad. Add a few accessories and you've got a fancier version of this classic. It is a no fail.

A Baggy Dress Shirt

Okay, so maybe it feels like pajamas, maybe it doesn't fit that well but it shows off your legs. It shows just enough to get his imagination humming.

Gym Clothes

JJr7QFAC4EpSt_jmGEleWFmeqlDCN70sa-E8Sjw6RX0 We already know men love curve hugging yoga pants but your gym shorts? Gym clothes show a willingness to get out and get active, sometimes a rarity in this society, earning you bonus points with the fellas.


Turtlenecks are sexy. They are cute and comfortable and worn in the winter, you know, when snuggling happens.


ponytails So not an article clothing but a perfect example of how sexy can be simple. Besides, they offer a chance for a little nostalgia. It is pretty much a guarantee that his first crush wore her hair in a ponytail.

A Beanie

Men know that when we wear beanies, it is usually because we didn't wash our hair but that doesn't seem to matter. The sexy cool vibe it creates drives them wild.

Work Clothes

Whether you have to wear 'uptight' feeling pant suits or a greasy fast food apron, you are giving him sexy vibes. You work clothes show that you are intelligent and independent and what is sexier than that? Besides, you man has probably had fantasies that range from getting it on with a CEO to the girl behind the counter at the gas station. Where your work clothes with pride.

Bonus: Whatever Makes You Feel Amazing

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 4.01.38 PM Guys love confidence. Confidence and comfort never go out of style. If you wear what makes you feel your best, no matter what it is, you are going to light up the room and he will notice. Basically, be you. There is nothing sexier than you.  

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