7 Ways Black Friday Can Rip Your Relationship To Shreds

While Black Friday can be great for crossing items off your holiday shopping list or personal wish list, it can spell disaster for your love life. Sometimes, the tension is just too much to handle! It's true. If you still need convincing, here are 7 ways Black Friday can ruin your relationship!

1. When one of you spends their ENTIRE Black Friday budget on the pre-Black Friday sales but doesn't tell the other until the very last minute.


2. When you both hit Walmart at 5 a.m. and both spot that insanely reduced juicer at the exact same time. But it is the last one. Time to battle. Never mind the fact that you could share the blender if you just moved in together already!


3. When you take a pass on your partner's family's annual post-Thanksgiving brunch to go shopping and they spend the rest of the day pouting. Great Aunt Alice asked so nicely and you just can't be bothered? Shame!

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4. When the sales start early and you want to get ahead of the crowds and try to duck out of dinner before dessert is served. BUT, your mother tries to guilt you into staying by pitting you guys against each other. Success. Now, you'll be spending the night at the mall in silence.


5. When one of you decides to take the other's advice to "spice up the wardrobe" by buying bags full of hideously ugly sweaters for next to nothing and announcing they will be wearing worn to any and all the holiday parties you two have to attend. Time for that awkward, soul crushing conversation in which the other tries to delicately explain that those sweaters look terrible on. Too bad there are no returns on sale items....


6. When you've been waiting in line for close to 10 hours outside Target and slowly you begin to turn on one another. Now, you can't even speak to each other without snapping!


7. When 1 hour into that 10 hours Target wait, one of you finishes off your ENTIRE supply of coffee. This. Relationship. Is. Over.

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