7 Ways We Sabotage Our Lives And Our Fitness On The Weekends

Monday to Friday, we do every thing we can to stay on top of our game. We work like dogs at our job, we sweat it up at the gym. We buy organic produce and farm raised, free range, meat. We detox and we cleanse. We treat our body like it is a temple because if our bodies are working at their optimum level, we will achieve the success we so righteously deserve. So why do we do everything within our power to destroy all from Friday night at 5pm to Sunday evening? Our weekends are a crazy blur of excess and blackouts. Here is a list of the good things you are obliterating over the course of your weekend:

We sabotage our health

It really doesn't matter what you do Monday to Friday. There is no amount of clean eating that can balance out the crap we do to ourselves on the weekend. Somewhere between 10pm and 2am on Friday even the healthiest among us is slamming sugary shots, mixing wine with hard liquor and smoking so much even Joe Camel would be mortified. We ruin everything we tried so hard to do during the week.

We sabotage our diets

Drinking isn't a big deal. It loosens us up, right? Unfortunately, booze doesn't just loosen us up socially. It also loosens you up in regards to food choices. We can undo all the work we've done during the week in a mere matter of minutes. We eat entire pizzas or find ourselves standing in line at the fast food joint up the block. I once woke up feeling like death with an empty poutine container on my pillow. We gorge ourselves on empty calories (to say nothing of the empty calories we have already consumed in the alcohol!) for no good reason.

We sabotage our relationships

Being romantic and hard partying don't really go hand in hand. We've all seen (or done) it. That couple screaming at each other at 3am, stumbling up the street. Tears, screaming, name calling. Worst part, next day you aren't really sure what you were fighting about to begin with. But, the damage is done by then.

We sabotage our bank accounts

We are smart with our money during the week. Save every penny we can. On the weekends, we act like high rollers. We buy rounds at the bar, take expensive cab rides from the bar to that party that you will leave after 10 minutes and cab back downtown or home. We might as well take a match and torch the money. That would at least save us the hangover.

We sabotage the daytime

We drink until last call and then spend another few hours at the all night diner. We get home at dawn and then sleep until nearly dinner. Then we move to the couch where we draw the blinds and marathon "Housewives." All week we want nothing more than to be outside the confines of our office only to end up spending the weekends in the confines of our living room.

We sabotage our pride

We drunk text our ex. We make out with that guy we weren't even into. In front of the entire bar, no less. We wake up the next day shrouded in shame as our memory comes back to us in slow, painful flashes. Displaying dignity, pride and self respect is our core value system during the week. Add a little booze on a Friday night and that whole system just disappears.

We sabotage our emotional wellbeing

Binge drinking is not good for our mental health. We might feel amazing while we are loaded but it makes us crash twice as hard the next day. It fills us with anxiety. Is it any wonder? We throw away our money, our diets, our pride, our time. For what? Not much, really, when you take a good look at it. Pretty scary when you think about it. I think moderation is the key, how about you?  

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