7 Ways to Create Your Own Staycation!

We all have that friend who goes on trip and shares it with the world. But trips are expensive and required you to take time off work. Recently, people have been discovering "staycations". Here are 7 ways to turn your weekend into the perfect staycation! 1) Don't be attached to your cell phone Try to be as disconnected as you can! Save work emails until Monday morning and enjoy your weekend away! 2) Don't have an alarm for Sunday morning Wake up naturally, and this way your body will let you know when you have had enough sleep! 3) Don't think about the upcoming work week It will all be there on Monday when you go in! Don't let it consume your weekend away. Wait until you HAVE to take a look! 4) Pamper yourself Do the spa day that you have wanted to do for the last few months and just kept putting off. This is a great way to boost your energy without going far! 5) Be social Go out, make plans with friends to do something fun! Having a staycation doesn't mean that you have to be alone the whole time finding your inner self... 6) Cook a nice dinner And with that nice dinner, enjoy a large glass (or bottle) of wine! Make a day of it and go to the market and get fresh food and enjoy unwinding while you create something wonderful! 7) Explore your own city Don't be so sure you know everything about the city you live it! Go be a tourist and explore what your city has to offer, there is always something new to discover!    

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