7 Ways To Get Psyched Up For A Killer Workout!

Anyone can tell you that in order to continue to see results, you must give it your best effort, every time. Sure, when you first get started, anything you do brings results but the longer you do it, the harder you have to push yourself. Not only does this take dedication and discipline, it also takes motivation. And we don't have to tell you, sometimes, motivation is hard to come by. Here are 7 ways you can get yourself prepared, and excited, before you hit that workout!

1. Use Visualization

One of the best ways to rev yourself mentally for an intense workout is to visualize yourself doing it before you begin. Sit, quietly with your eyes closed, for 10-15 minutes and think about what you will want to accomplish and how good it will feel. Think about making those heavy weights light as a feather. Think about how your body will respond and how you will get that lean muscle and tone you've been working for.

2. Listen To Music

Science has proved that listening to music that 'moves you' can increase strength and intensity when training. While driving to the gym pump those jams. Turn it up loud and make sure you can feel the excitement building in every inch of your body.

3. Watch Something That Will Pump You Up

Whenever you need to get that intensity and aggression level amped up, watch something to get you hyped. Think Rocky or Rudy or 300. Something that demonstrates people displaying feats of strength and succeeding. It will pump you up faster than anything you can buy!

4. Look At Pictures Of People You Admire

We all want to look a little more like someone. Although your workout needs to be tailored to what will bring out the best in your body, there is nothing wrong with trying to mold yourself into looking a little more like your fitness hero. Taking a close look at these heroes before a workout can help you get your head in it.

5. Use An Effective Pre-Workout

Most people have to train in the mornings before work or later in the evening when your day is done. This isn't always the easiest thing because, well, life gets in the way. A pre-workout supplement might help you through. Some won't do much for you but others can give you physical and emotional energy. Research the products available and see which one might be best for you.

6. Read Inspirational Quotes

The right words can be incredibly powerful when you need motivation to go to the gym. A simple Google search of 'inspirational quotes' can be just the thing to get your butt in gear, out the door and killing that workout!

7. Get Psyched With A Training Partner

The number one job of a good training partner is to pick you up and get you psyched when you are dragging your heels. Sit with your partner before the workout and remind each other why you are there, what your goals are and how much to love to go max effort, then hit it! How do you get yourself psyched up for an intense workout? Source: Muscle & Fitness    

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