7 Ways To Reward Yourself (That Don't Include Food)!

Life is good. You've just met one of your fitness goals and you want to celebrate! And rightfully so! Meeting, and/or surpassing, a goal  is  something to be proud of! But if your celebration plans include eating a some chocolate cake or downing a tray of frozen margaritas, you may want to reconsider. Rewarding yourself with calorie laden treats can be a bit of a nightmare. If you've cleaned up your diet, reducing your consumption of processed, simple carbohydrates, reintroducing them at this point can wreak havoc on your gut. Furthermore, do you really want to be filling up on empty calories when you've been work so hard to burn them off? blog2275   Why not try a healthier reward? Taking a little time to just treat yourself right, to do something nice for yourself, can be one of the greatest rewards imaginable. Here are our tried, and tested, suggestions:

1. Take a hot bath

A simple suggestion isn't necessarily a bad suggestion! Do it up right. Fill your tub, maybe a little bubble bath or some bath salts. Light some candles, play some quiet tunes and just luxuriate. Stay in the tub for as long as you wish. This is your time.

2. Window shop

Take a walk downtown by all the stores you love but never actually shop in. Imagine all the places you'd wear those incredible designer clothes! If you are feeling particularly pleased with yourself, go in and try a few things on! Whether it is expensive shoes or a ball gown, have some fun! unspecified

3. Grab some new gear

Why not make your next workout even better by getting some new gear? Nothing feels better than knowing you still look sharp while you drip in sweat! Or, maybe you don't need new workout clothes but have been eyeing some workout equipment. Treat yourself! Maybe it is time for a weighted vest or some Challenger Bars. Imagine the heights you can reach with these additions! [bctt tweet="7 Ways To Reward Yourself (That Don't Include Food)!"]

4. Learn a new dance

Sign yourself up for a dance class. Don't have a tango partner? Grab a friend or fly solo. Dance classes are a great way to stay active and meet new people. And, most importantly, they are FUN! Think you have two left feet and don't want to try this one in public? YouTube is your friend. Grab some pals, clear the living room floor, and throw on some music videos. MJ's "Thriller" zombie dance, anyone? blog2368  

5. Put clean sheets on the bed

Simple, we know. But think about it. Is there anything that feels better than crawling into a freshly made bed? This is even better if you've got outdoor space and are able to hang your sheets on the clothesline first. Nothing is more relaxing than the smell of fresh air!

6. Listen to your favorite tunes

We don't just mean the music everyone knows you like. We mean those songs that make you smile from the bottom of your heart but you're embarrassed to admit to liking. Don't be shy about it, this is your celebration. So whether you are blaring it at home or in the car, sing and dance loudly and proudly. Who doesn't secretly like Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl?"

7. Take a day off

Like, a real day off. Don't do a single thing. Sleep in, then take a nap in the afternoon. Go for meandering walks around the neighborhood. Play video games. Watch Netflix. Facebook creep your high school crush. Be as unproductive as possible! Taking time for yourself and doing what makes you happy is one of the greatest rewards imaginable. You will feel wonderful from the inside out! No guilt, no "getting back on track." You can stay true to your lifestyle AND celebrate your progress! We want to know, how do you celebrate your achievements?

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