7 Ways To Stretch The Workout To Your Desk

7 ways to stretch the workout to your desk! Sometimes it feels impossible to get that workout in everyday. Here are some great tips to keep you active at work, WITHOUT disrupting your progress at work. Keeping you and the boss happy! Here are 7 little tricks to keep your body moving all day long. 1) Track it! By keeping a scale tucked away at your desk, you can track your day to day losses at work! This encourages the use of the next 6 tips to see the difference they are making. 2) Kick the Chair to the Curb! Switch to a stability ball and dump the office chair. Using a stability ball will engage your core and back muscles making them stronger just by sitting and doing work. Also, try standing and moving while on the phone or in the morning meetings instead of sitting down. This will activate your metabolism, a great way to start off the morning! 3) Swivel Foot rest According to ergonomics, it's important to have your feet propped up while working. So, why not get a workout while you do it? By getting a foot rest that swivels, shifts and moves around you can keep the lower half of your body active and moving without affecting your work and keeping that metabolism going throughout the day. 4) Be prepared! Don't let any little thing be an excuse to back out of that lunch time workout or even after work. Be prepared and have your runners and other gear at the office ready to go when you need it. Not having it there will just be another little excuse not to do it. Always be thinking ahead! 5) Setting a timer Set a timer, take regular breaks to walk around and move. According to Heather Milton, clinical exercise physiologist, sitting for too long can lead to many health issues including metabolic disease or lead to weight gain. Take a little walk every hour or so to keep your body moving. 6) A little work down there... Alright ladies, time to get real. It's one of the easiest exercises that we can do anywhere at any time. While you're on the phone or just working at your desk, do those kegels. Your partner will thank you and so will your bum! 7) Use your breaks Instead of doing nothing on those 15 minute breaks try a quick 7 minute work out. Use those breaks in a proactive way! Every little bit helps.  

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