7 Workout "Rules" You Can Totally Ignore

It feels great to crush a workout, doesn't it? There is nothing better than that endorphin high you getting after a good sweat session. But sometimes, no matter how hard you work or how great you feel, your body just isn't showing you the results you'd like. Perhaps you are just laboring under some false information! In order to maximize your next workout, you may have to change your thinking. Here are 7 workout "rules" that you can safely ignore:

Rule 1: Never eat before a morning workout

Fact: Your body needs a source of fuel. “People think they’ll burn more fat in the morning if they don’t eat before a workout,” says Jessica King, head coach at Peloton Cycle. “If you’re going to wake up and do an intense workout, try eating Ezekiel toast (it’s made with sprouted grains) with almond butter, a hardboiled egg, or a smoothie.” Eating a breakfast that contains carbs and protein will make sure that your body has the energy it needs to power through your workout. inpost

Rule 2: You should only stick to one type of workout

Fact: There are lots of ways to reach your targets.  “If you’re looking to gain muscle, one of the best things you can do is change up your routine,” says wellness and fitness expert Adam Rosante, author of The 30 Second Body: Eat Clean, Train Dirty & Live Hard. “The body is incredibly proficient at adapting to stress. So, if you’ve been doing the standard 3 sets of 12 reps for a while, switching things up will lead to really impressive gains.”

Rule 3: You shouldn't do anything that resembles a workout on your rest day

Fact: Rest days are essential to your workout routine. They give your muscles a chance to repair and recover. Each person has their own definition of what a rest day should look like. You pick the one that suits you best! You don't have to sit on the sofa all day and do nothing. You can go for a light walk or do some restorative yoga or stretching. If you need a comfortable surface for your stretching or yoga practice, you can nab yourself a sweet yoga mat here. [bctt tweet="7 Workout "Rules" You Can Totally Ignore"] inpost2

Rule 4: Logging miles on the treadmill is the best way to burn calories

Fact: Long cardio workouts have their place. If you are training for an endurance event, they are essential. But, if you are trying to burn fat and build muscle, fast-paced circuit routines that involve lifting weights and body weight exercises are the way to go. Building muscle is essential for increasing your calorie burn. Cardio can burn more calories per minute but weight training can burn more overall as it leads to an afterburn which means you'll continue to torch calories long after your workout is complete! Are  weights missing from your workout? We can help! Check out our weights and strength training equipment here!

Rule 5: When performing squats, never let your kneeso go past your toes

Fact: Holly Perkins, CSCS, creator of The GLUTES Project, says that following this rule could negatively impact your form. Good form means better results! And, according to Perkins, when you reach the bottom of a squat, sometimes your knees do go a little past your toes. “The key here is not to let your knees extend so far forward that you put undo pressure on them, so there is a small range that is acceptable.” So, instead of focusing on your knees, focus on pushing your butt back and down and keeping your weight in your heels throughout the movement. inpost3

Rule 6: You have to be sore after a workout

Fact: Soreness is not an indicator of results. Post-workout soreness could be linked to a few different things. It could be linked to the types of exercises you are doing and/or the quality of your recovery, for example. We know that if you aren't seeing results you will want to kick things up to the next level, but don't feel that you have to push yourself to an extreme point of pain in order to get there.

Rule 7: You should never exercise at night

Fact: Working out does give you increased energy levels but that doesn't necessarily mean you will have a hard time sleeping. “I have clients that prefer to work out at night because it is their way to unwind after a stressful day. If anything, the workout will help him/her sleep better,” says Perkins. “And a yoga session at night could be exactly what an insomniac needs, or a long run might be the outlet of stress that you need in order to sleep well.”  The time of your workout is important because the workouts you do consistently will be most impactful. So, if you aren't a morning person, you aren't likely going to want or be able to do your workouts then. You have to do what works for you. inpost4 While we have just given you 7 rules that you can ignore, there are two fitness rules you CANNOT break if you want to see results. You need to do some sort of training on a regular basis and you need to follow a healthy balanced diet. We can help you on both counts!  We have both a Beginner Bootcamp and an Intermediate Bootcamp, meaning you can work with us no matter your current fitness level. Designed around the principles of HIIT and tabata, these workouts include both cardio and strength training exercises. Each workout lasts between 10-12 minutes in length, meaning you can easily fit them into your day, no matter when you choose to do your workout! Both programs offer a new workout, delivered directly to your inbox, each day for 30 days. The best part, the Bootcamps are absolutely free. You will get the expertise of our trainers at no cost to you. Lisa and Edith will sweat right along with you in the real time workouts, offering encouragement every step of the way. If you want to take your workouts to the next level, let us help you with the  process! Sign up for the Beginner Bootcamp here and the Intermediate Bootcamp here. If your diet also needs some support, the BodyRock Meal Plan is perfect for you!  By following the Meal Plan, you will gain the foundation required for building a balanced, healthy diet for years to come. The Meal Plan covers everyone from meat eater to vegans and takes virtually all the guess work out of meal prep. We provide you with a weekly grocery list so all you have to do is buy the ingredients and follow along! We are talking 30 days worth of real, whole, exciting, flavorful meals and snacks, that will satisfy your taste buds and provide you with the nutrients you need to power your body! Let us balance your diet! Get your Meal Plan here! Have you made gains by ignoring these 7 rules? Source: SELF

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