7 Yoga Poses to Master to Take Your Practice to Another Level

Although yoga isn't about getting into all sorts of insane position, you have to admit that there is a sense of accomplishment from finding the edge of your limits and pushing past them to do things you didn't believe to be possible at some point. It is inspiring to me to see all sorts of advanced yoga practitioners get into all sorts of poses. It leaves the feeling: "If they can do it, so can I." All that is need is dedication and consistency. And to leave fear behind. Because by staying with what is comfortable, you will never grow. By staying with what is comfortable, you are allowing fear to take over to keep you moving forward. Find the edge of your limits and move beyond them.  Once you have mastered the basics in yoga and have build a solid foundation, begin to look into to some advanced poses. Even if you don't incorporate them into a yoga sequence and you are simply working with them on their own, remember to pay attention to your body just the same. Concentrate on where you are in each of the following poses and how your body feels when in them. Remember: a pose begins when you want to leave it. And always honor your body. Discomfort is normal, but pain is not. If it doesn't feel good, STOP. Try mastering these 7 yoga poses to deepen your practice:   1. Crane Pose Begin by mastering crow pose before moving on to straightening your arms for crane pose. Great introduction to arm balances and requires more of your core than your arms than you may believe. summerperezcranepose 2. Seated Straddle Pose Maintaining your balance while sitting tall can be a challenge, but fun. Keep your chest high and concentrate on steadying your breath to keep from rolling around. summerperezseatedstraddlepose 3. Iron Cross Headstand Pose Master a supported headstand, as well as tripod headstand, before attempting. This pose will definitely test your neck and core strength. summerperezironcross 4. Chin Scorpion Pose Practice your chin stand and backbends before adding the scorpion aspect. summerperezchinscorpionpose 5. Forearm Stand There's so many variations to try with forearm stands! Split or stag legs help keep your balance easier as you learn to remain in this pose. summerperezforearmstand   Keep up with me on Instagram: 6. Partridge Pose A combination between an arm balance and backbend, this pose will test your strength and flexibility. summerperezpartridgepose 7. Corpse Pose This might be the hardest of all the poses. Why? Because you are not just laying down. You are supposed to quiet your mind and body--completely. You are supposed to resist the urge to move. Complete and utter relaxation. summerperezcorpsepose  

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