70% Of Americans Think Breastfeeding A Friend’s Child Is Wrong

A recent poll has concluded that way more than half of the American public are against women  breastfeeding other people's children. This poll was conducted after 27-year-old Jessica Colletti made news for breastfeeding her friend's son, Mateo and her own son, Lucian. Jessica calls the boys 'milk siblings' and embraces the bond that the 18-month-old and 16-month-old share. The new mom came to the aid of her friend who couldn't breastfeed due to returning to work, and who didn't want Mateo to be ingesting formula as he reacts badly to it. Jessica wasn't shy to post candid photos of herself nursing the boys on Facebook. [bctt tweet="70% Of Americans Think Breastfeeding A Friend’s Child Is Wrong"] "Right now, this is what works." Mateo's mother explains. While some have supported Jessica's efforts, others are disgusted by this idea. Jessica takes the hate she receives in stride, and knows what she is doing is right for her and her unique situation. "I think breastfeeding your kid is one of the nicest thing in the world! But breastfeeding somebody else's kid and show it in the internet is just not right!" Delia Adriana Ayala wrote on Facebook. "'Hi, look at me starving for attention on social media. All of my kids were breastfed by my wife, but the public didn't have to watch." John Della Bella commented. Doctors say there is nothing medically wrong with nursing a friend's child, as the baby still gets the proper nutrients necessary to grow strong and healthy. What is your opinion? Are you among the supporters of this concept, or should breastfeeding be exclusive to mother and child? Source: NY Daily News  

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