700 Rep Iron Man Workout

Ready for another rep challenge? I give you the '700' Rep IRON MAN Workout. since Why 700 reps? Well, by the end of the workout, you will have completed 700 reps of all the exercises! You have 7 exercises to do. First time through, you will complete 50 reps of each exercise. Second time through, you will complete 30 reps of each exercise. Third and Final time through, you will complete 20 reps of each exercise. Go at your own pace and rest where needed. If you are just starting out, cut those reps in half and see if you can get through one or two rounds. I have listed modifications and/or alternatives to some of the exercises s well.

700 REP IRON MAN Workout

Round 1: 50 reps of each exercise below. 1) Weighted Squat Jumps ( I used a 10 lb med ball. These can also be done without weight) 2) Kettlebell Swings (I used 26 lb KB, but a dumbbell will do just fine) 3) Alternate Step Ups with Press (25 reps each leg. I used 2 15b dumbbells) 4) Chest Press on the TRX Trainer (Push ups, or bench press will be great as well) 5) Log Jumps over sandbag (Anything can be used as a hurdle to jump over) 6) Rows on TRX Trainer (Reverse pull up/equalizer, bent over rows etc) 7) In/Out Abs on Sliders/TRX/Stability Ball (can use hand towels for sliders as well) Round 2: 30 reps of each exercise above Rournd 3: 20 reps of each exercise above When complete, post your time. If you want, you can pair this with some cardio or skipping as well! I would normally warm up by skipping 2-5 minutes on a circuit like this and then skip between rounds again. Use weight that is challenging enough, but not too heavy so that you sacrifice form with the rep amount above. You can always drop down in weight OR use a lighter weight for the 50 reps, med weight for 30 and heavier weight for 20 reps amount.


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Below please find demos of the moves above. Weighted Squat Jumps http://youtu.be/2OHx_dR2kQk Kettlebell Swings http://youtu.be/4tCisr5tBaE Step Up with Press http://youtu.be/7pNXjeVyIzQ Chest Press TRX (Or modify with Push up variation or Bench Press with Dumbbells) http://youtu.be/un79W5dVzrw Jumps over sandbag http://youtu.be/rvCSPEWYJ_c Row on TRX (reverse row on Equalizer/ pull up, bent over row etc. are alternatives) http://youtu.be/lBxgQ2FEiH8 In and Out Abs on Sliders, stability ball, or even straight up just bodyweight on floor http://youtu.be/NJpHNw_C5bA Check out my Facebook and youtube page for more workouts, tips and information on living a healthy lifestyle!

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