75% of Women Prefer Flab To Abs

A recent study done to align with the DVD release of Bad Neighbors about women’s preferences in men had some pretty interesting results: 3 in 4 British women would choose a man with love handles over a man with a 6-pack, and 96% predict an unpleasant date with an abs-obsessed man. This study isn’t talking about what women find aesthetically pleasing though – it’s asking who you would rather have sex with. A fantasy is not reality, and as much as I have a (healthy) obsession with Ryan Gosling and his photoshop worthy abs, my typical dateable guy could probably be described a “hipster hobbit”. flabvsabshipsterhobbit Sex therapist Tracey Cox (excellent last name for her profession – just saying) delves deeper into why exactly that is, and her reasoning is all too believable and pretty sad. Truthfully, women don’t want a man with a perfect body, because they feel that theirs is far too imperfect. Here’s another finding from the study: 74% said they’d feel self-conscious about taking off their clothes in front of a perfectly toned guy. Here’s another statistic from author of “Not Tonight Dear, I Feel Fat” Michael Alvear: 50% of women have put off sex because they felt too fat. flabvsabs2 Here’s a challenge I put out to the women (myself included): start loving our wobbly bits, stop comparing ourselves to others, and start believing that we’re worthy of absolutely anyone that we want – whether it’s the abstastic Zac Efron or goofy beer-bellied Seth Rogan.

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