8 Beauty Hacks That Quickly Fix Common Makeup Problems!

You'll be kicking yourself when you read how easy it is to fix these 8 common makeup problems! #1 The Cakey Foundation Hack  The dreaded cakey look can make you want to switch foundation brands. If your powder foundation goes on cake-like, switch to a more hydrating liquid kind. Or apply a moisturizer to your skin before applying your base. This will keep your foundation smooth. #2 The Lipstick On Teeth Hack Take your finger and do a clean sweep of your inner lips after applying lipstick. This will get off any product which could transfer to your teeth! #3 The Obvious Fake Bronze Hack You don't want to look like a copper penny after caking on bronzer! Apply bronzer lightly on the areas where you typically get sun-kissed, like your cheekbones. Gently build from there. Do not apply as if it were foundation and you're trying to change your skin tone! #4 The Obvious Contour Hack To avoid looking like you drew surgery guidelines on your face, blend. Always blend in your contours! #5 The Obvious Blush Hack Blush shouldn't make you look like a clown. Using a cream blush keeps your blush looking more natural and, again, don't forget to blend. #6 The Mascara On Your Lids Hack Keep mascara streaks off your eyelids by putting clear tape on them as you apply. Peel the tape off gently after 20 seconds of drying time. #7 The Feathered Lipstick Hack Don't let lipstick transfer onto the skin around your mouth! Use a lip primer to lock it onto your lips, and nothing else. #8 The Overdone Brows Hack Filling in your brows does not mean drawing on a fake set! Lightly flicking your wrist as you use your brow pencil will keep you from literally drawing on your brows. What are your top beauty tips? Share them with us!  

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